Comanche Things To Do

Comanche County sits at the cusp of the sprawling Texas Hill Country. Formed in the thick of settler and native conflict Comanche County is a hub of frontier heritage and modern small town Texas hospitality. 

Proctor Lake and Dam

Proctor Lake and Dam, is a 14.100 acre lake managed by the Fort Worth District Army Corps of Engineers since 1963 has some of the best water based recreation around. Fed by the Leon and Sabanna Rivers the lake has vibrant wildlife, fishing and boating opportunities.


The Fleming Oak and Old Cora Courthouse Museum

Downtown is situated around the courthouse square. The Fleming Oak and our beloved Old Cora Courthouse Museum was reassembled on the historic Comanche downtown square in 1983 after serving as a private residence since 1858. Previous to that this 12’x12’ hand-hewn log cabin served as the Comanche Courthouse for 2 years.

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Comanche County Museum

A 14 room treasure trove of local relics, a tribute to the lifestyle and history of Comanche County. This museum will bring you into the life and time of local and old west gunfighting legend John Wesley Hardin and the Father of Geology in Texas, Robert Thomas Hill.

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Soda Shop & Comanche Merchantile

Revitalize Comanche a local citizen run nonprofit focused on restoration of historic sites has successfully positioned Comanche as a Heritage Tourism Destination. The local Soda Shop is an enchanting 50’s throwback full service soda and ice cream shop. Right next door Comanche Merchantile gathers the work of dozens of local artisans with diverse trades into a bright and airy indoor market filled with fine quality treasures.

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Comanche City Park and Swimming Pool

Comanche City Park features a 3 playgrounds, a ball field, walking trails, newly renovated swimming pool and is host to a number of local events. As you stroll and explore these guys among other carvings will watch over you. 

A few years ago a handful of mature oaks had to be removed for safety reasons. Instead of just turning the trees into mulch the city decided to great a space for public art. There are 6 sculptures as of spring 2022. A handful more stumps are available for sponsorship if you want to leave your mark in Comanche!

Comanche Roping Club Arena

Comanche Roping Club Arena hosts rodeos (of course) as well as the annual Chamber of Commerce Food Truck Rodeo in March and is considered the best roping arena in the area.